**The Outside World**

My pain hurts inside
I cant decide...what will i do with my life who can you trust in time...I wish you would just like me and not judge me...I'm not going to change for anyone I am who i am...I sometimes find I'm drifting Through this life without effect...I often wonder if I'm truly Worth what I've been blessed...you see me in my daily grind...so confident and strong...yet when I am alone...I question Just where I belong...I often try too hard I find to analyze and guess...to scrutinize... investigate...my life I will confess...for somewhere deeper...there must be...some meaning to this life...some way to make a difference...give a reason for this strife.

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Haiti History Timeline

Haiti is nice little place with joyed and sadness.In which French and Spain history still remain silent after then till now in the 21st century. Instead of driscribing all the details, i’ll talk only about Haiti most recent historical events.


17th century


  •   Spain signed the Treaty of Ryswick,under whose terms she ceded the western third of Hispaniola to France. This is important because the treaty settled the Nine Years’ War,which pitted France against the Grand Aliance of England, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire and the United Provinces.


18th century


  • January 12, the generals of the colony - Toussaint, Andre Riguad, Bauvais, and Laplume - met in Port-au-Prince and named Toussaint the lead commander. Rigaud surrendered control of the southern cities of Leogoane,Grand Goave,Petit Goave, and Miragoane. This was important because dirring this time period we needed a leader to control our country and provide security for the people.


19th century


  • Haitian writer Louis-Joseph Janvier publishes the article “L’Egalité des Races”, which proclaims the equality of the races. In my opinion i think this was important not only for the Haitian Nation but also for all the Nations in the world because we need races equality in the whole wide world in order to live better.



20th century


  • November-Aristide is reelected for a second five-year term with 92% of the vote in elections boycotted by the opposition. The last UN peacekeeping forces withdraw from Haiti. In my believe i think this was important because some people thought Aristide would come and do something for the country meaning fixing things that deserved to fix but too bad it didn’t happen.







bored as hell somebody say somethin interesting

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Red Alert

I ain’t coming to school tomorrow….but i don’t want ya to be worried because i’ll be there*********(((((DUECEZ)))))

Homework 11/16/09

Read Ismairy’s essay.

1. List three things she does well. Be specific! Do not say “She has good evidence…” Instead, say “I think she has good evidence because…”

  • In my opinion i think she did a good job with the introduction which she had a hook even though it wasn’t that good, she had a thesis, background information and transition information.
  • Another good job she did, is the way she managed the body paragraph which she had the topic sentence, evidence and analysis.
  • She used some quotations from the play and she also indicated the page number.

2. List two things that you think she could do better.

Two things she could do better is that:

she needs to make some improve in giving more detail on her analysis, second thing i think she could improve on is by making some connection to the real life.

Read Suary’s outline.

1. List three things she does well. Be specific! Do not say “She has good evidence…” Instead, say “I think she has good evidence because…”

  • She had a nice hook and also the transitional information which such as a great part. 
  • She had a great body paragraph which she had a lot of information in.
  • ???

2. List two things that you think she could do better.

I think she needs to improve in her so what, and another thing she could also improve in is  that she needs to give more details in the analysis. 





I Can Only Imagine

thank you Danny for this beautiful song… i love you for a reason lol

i love you too Rosa………

thomas u dnt know hw much i love this song…. i did not pray for days now and listening to this song reminds me that He will always be there for me no matter hw far i jump i will fall and he will help me stand again… he is the reason why i am alive … je t’adore Jesus

i didn’t know you guys listen to that song too…but anyway i’m glad tho…..


Oh!!!! i love that song…Dan you are an angel!!!!!!!! love you…and enjoy our week end.
uuhhmm thanks….

I Can Only Imagine

Open the Eyes on My Heart

Homework 10/07/09

1. Read and annotate the exposition of ‘Waiting for Godot.’

When you annotate, remember to write questions and comments. Also, please note unfamiliar words or phrases. If you look them up, write down your discoveries.

2. On the blog, put down what you find out about the following things:

characters: I think the characters are Vladimir and Estragon.
setting: I think they were on the street next to a tree in Paris, because they were talking about the eiffel tower.
conflict: Vladimir and Estragon were very poor and they didn’t really have a place to stay,the only place they have to stay were “A Ditch”, and the line that prove they were living in a ditch is when Vladimir said, “May one inquire where His Highness spend the night” and Estragon said, “In a ditch”.(page 2).







    if love so nice . tell me why it hurt so bad if

    love  so nice tell me why i am sad

    love is like jumping  off a building you don’t feel the pain till the end

    Hey hold up right there love doesn’t hurt neither make you feel sad or jumping of a building. Love is a feeling that you believe and you put all your sense in, that make you feel certain types of way,PLzzz people stop blaming love and start taking responsibility for what you put yourself into.

    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!be responsible of your own actions…

    sadou aka 40 million dollaz says that ma boy d.money is right alright. Love is more toward an emotion, and most of the time it will take control of. It shows a unique type of feeling u have towards someone, it is also fragile, if your love is broken you feel absur and miserable, you cant blame it for the misery it causes, just find out how the misery got to u.

    Yea Yea Yea!!!!!!!! this is your b0oooy D.money as *Sadou* said it….Speaking of love without knowing what is it….iight this is for the ladies i want y’all take ya pride and ya senses put them together analyse or close your eyes and feel it through(((love)))……Halla @ M3ee…